Industrial: A 21st Century Solution

The benefit of strong, lightweight composites is undeniable. Manufacturers are able to reduce the size and weight of products traditionally made with heavy legacy materials like steel to improve energy efficiency. VITRIMAX™ was developed with end of life in mind. Mallinda is transforming how we make products, recycle, and reuse them. Most importantly, our polymer platform eliminates the production of single-use composite products at an industrial scale in sectors like energy, automotive, and aerospace.

Recreational: A Sustainable Recreation Material

Customize for comfort and performance. Consumers who use products made with VITRIMAX™ have unprecedented opportunities to customize for fit, comfort, and performance. Professional and amateur athletes alike can reshape products made with VITRIMAX T100™ in boiling water to shape and refine for a custom fit, curve, or angle while still maintaining the structural performance and impact strength of their gear. And they can do it again and again.

In the field, on the fly customization

Never cut a game short or waste time on the sidelines. VITRIMAX™-enabled gear allows users to easily repair and reform for fit, comfort, and performance. Users play hard, have the ability to make adjustments if and when they need to right on the sidelines and keep playing with their customized equipment. Let your products reach their full potential with a new, high-performance technology that will give you a competitive edge.