Form the Future

Mallinda created VITRIMAX™, an innovative platform resin system to revolutionize how we think about and use composite materials. Developed to break the 20th century paradigm of plastics, vitrimers are a new class of polymer with the ready-for-impact strength of thermosets and the processability and logistic benefits of thermoplastics.

Products made with VITRIMAX™ can be reincarnated as the same product, or as a new iteration over and over again. There is no end of life, only an ongoing cycle of usage opportunities. Continue to hit reset and start over with the exact same structural integrity and mechanical performance as the nascent material.

Philip Taynton CTO at Mallinda

Philip Taynton, CEO

Philip Taynton holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he began his work with vitrimer technology. Philip co-founded Mallinda in 2014. In addition to “on the job” business training, Philip completed the NSF I-CORPS training program as an entrepreneurial lead. He also spent two years as a Cyclotron Road Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Prior to Mallinda, Philip worked for 3 years in new product development for Avery Dennison in Pasadena, CA.

Heather Rubin, VP R&D

Heather Rubin joined Mallinda in 2019 as the Vice President of Research & Development. At Mallinda, she plays a versatile role in leading chemical design projects, aiding innovative engineering solutions, and overseeing the technical staff. Dr. Rubin is an expert in organic chemistry and materials chemistry with more than ten authored academic papers and two patents. She completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Colorado State University and holds her BA and MS in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Heather is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her dog in the mountains – snowboarding, camping, hiking, biking, or climbing.

Heather Rubin VP R&D at Mallinda
Sanzida Sultana Engineer at Mallinda

Sanzida Sultana, Engineer

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Sanzida earned her PhD in Mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech, where she worked on several industry-funded projects and solved real-world challenges. She studied the recycling of prepreg trim waste composites via sheet molding compound (SMC), a possible solution for aerospace waste management as well as a low-cost high-value material source for automotive industries, and also fabricated high thermal conductivity polymer composites from polyethylene fiber for chassis material. Before joining Mallinda Sanzida worked in Technology Development at Intel Corporation. At Mallinda, Dr. Sultana assists with engineering challenges and facilitates the commercial recycling process for vitrimer resins. She enjoys hiking and cooking in her leisure time.

Sarah Sadowski, Chemist

Sarah Sadowski graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.A. in Chemistry and Biochemistry. She joined Mallinda’s technical team in 2016 and currently works as a chemist. Sarah specializes in resin synthesis, material characterization and analyses. In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba diving, and skiing.

Sarah Sadowski Chemist at Mallinda
Marinda Tobey Chemist at Mallinda

Marina Tobey, Chemist

Marina Tobey graduated in 2019 with her BS in Chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines. As an undergraduate, she was involved in research detecting radiation via plastic scintillators as well as research with the biocompatibility of drug delivery devices. Marina joined Mallinda in 2020 and assists the technical team with chemical formulation, polymer rheology, kinetics, material development and analysis. She enjoys live music, running, playing soccer, and cooking in her free time.

Sara Meyer, Chemist

Sara Meyer earned her BS in Chemistry at the University of Colorado Denver and has worked as a pharmacy technician and certified nurse assistant. In 2020, her interests and most recent work has led her to Mallinda’s technical team as a Chemistry Intern where she assists with material analysis, data entry, and resin synthesis. Sara enjoys ATV and dirt bike riding, snowboarding, softball, and outdoor activities.

Sara Meyer Chemistry Intern at Mallinda
Jack Burns Chemistry/Engineering Intern at Mallinda

Jack Burns, Chemist

Jack Burns, originally from Houston, TX, earned his BS in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in business administration at Colorado State University. He assists with material analysis, process development, data entry, and resin synthesis. In his free time he enjoys reading, hanging out with his dog, and practicing instruments.